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Are you looking to kickstart a rewarding career in Dubai? Murdoch University Dubai offers a world of opportunities for students and graduates. This guide will help you understand the job prospects, salary, benefits, and application process at Murdoch University Dubai.

About the Murdoch University Dubai

Murdoch University Dubai is a branch of Murdoch University, a prestigious Australian institution. Located in the heart of Dubai International Academic City, it provides a dynamic and multicultural environment for students. Graduates from Murdoch University Dubai are well-prepared to enter the competitive job market, thanks to the university’s strong emphasis on practical skills and professional development.

Job Opportunities at Murdoch University Dubai

At Murdoch University Dubai, there are a variety of career paths you can explore. Some of the key professions include:

  • Academic Lecturer
  • Research Assistant
  • Administrative Officer
  • Student Services Coordinator
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Admissions Counselor
  • Financial Services Advisor
  • Library Assistant
  • Career Development Advisor

These roles offer a broad spectrum of opportunities for individuals with different skill sets and interests.

Salary and Benefits

Working at Murdoch University Dubai comes with a competitive salary package. Salaries vary depending on the role and level of experience. For example, an Academic Lecturer can expect to earn between AED 20,000 to AED 30,000 per month. Administrative staff might earn between AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 per month.

In addition to attractive salaries, employees enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Annual leave and public holidays
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Access to university facilities
  • Employee wellness programs

These benefits make Murdoch University Dubai an attractive place to work, providing both financial stability and personal growth.

Application Requirements and Documents

To apply for a position at Murdoch University Dubai, you will need to prepare several key documents. These typically include:

  1. Resume/CV: Ensure your resume is up-to-date and highlights your relevant experience and skills.
  2. Cover Letter: A well-written cover letter should explain why you are interested in the position and how your background makes you a suitable candidate.
  3. Academic Transcripts: For academic positions, include copies of your degree certificates and transcripts.
  4. Professional References: Provide contact details of at least two professional references who can vouch for your work ethic and skills.
  5. Identification Documents: A copy of your passport and any other identification documents may be required.

Make sure all documents are accurate and formatted correctly to improve your chances of securing an interview.

How To Apply for Murdoch University Dubai Careers

Applying for a career at Murdoch University Dubai is straightforward. Follow these steps to start your application process:

  1. Visit the Online Career Portal: Go to Murdoch University Dubai’s Career Portal.
  2. Search for Job Openings: Browse the available job listings to find positions that match your qualifications and interests.
  3. Create an Account: If you don’t already have an account, you will need to create one to apply for jobs.
  4. Submit Your Application: Fill out the online application form and upload your resume, cover letter, and other required documents.
  5. Follow-Up: After submitting your application, you may want to follow up with the university’s HR department to ensure your application has been received and to express your continued interest in the position.

Murdoch University Dubai’s career portal is user-friendly and allows you to track the status of your application.


Murdoch University Dubai offers a variety of rewarding career opportunities with competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, you can find a role that suits your skills and interests. By following the application guidelines and submitting all required documents, you can take the first step towards a fulfilling career at this prestigious university. Explore the possibilities today and embark on your path to success at Murdoch University Dubai!

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